El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

Pontevedra to Caldas de Rei 14.1 miles

Last night I had a wander through the busy old town, restaurants were full and noisy so I settled for the elegant tranquility of the outside terrace at the Parador. It was a delicious  meal topped off with a crepe flambé presented theatrically by the waiter. I have flambéd myself on occasions  but never intentionally. 

The next morning after another heroic breakfast I set off through the usual empty streets knowing it would be tricky trying to negotiate the labyrinth

She was no help

I almost had a head-on collision with another pilgrim who like me was staring intently at his phone trying to get out. We joined forces and eventually saw the bridge we needed to cross

Untroubled water

My new companion was Italian,  named Luigi (what else?). I told him my name was Patritzia because it sounds good in Italian. He spoke fluent English and said he liked to practice his conversation. After quite some time his life story had only got as far as his first days at school so I pretended I was unable to walk as fast as him and wished him a Buen Camino. 

Roy Ford (Florida joke)

Perhaps you are wondering where the spectacular pictures of the beach are? Well although this walk is known as the 'Coastal' inevitably it had to turn inland towards Santiago. I suppose I parted company with the ocean somewhere between Baiona and Vigo. It's hard to tell exactly because this part of Spain has huge inlets or Rias which are so wide it still looks like the Atlantic. It did, though,  get me thinking about the coastline and its beaches. I absolutely loved the wild, dangerous rocky stretches with huge,  crashing waves and no people. The soft sandy beaches in Portugal were  lovely especially in the morning before they were covered in reddening, thong - wearing bodies glistening with Ambre Solaire.

Just one Cornetto?

Today was the easiest walking so far with mostly level paths and plenty of shade. What could be better - an ice cream perhaps?


Unbelievably in the middle of nowhere was a man with a van selling all sorts of goodies. The Camino will provide!

Walking through vineyards

Nearing Caldas de Reis

My destination today is known and named for its thermal springs. I felt the water gushing up from the ground in one of the communal spas and it is HOT. There were actually people immersing themselves and 'taking the waters' in a public way. I continued on to the hotel to take the wine.