El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

Póvoa to Esposende  13.2 miles

Yesterday was 4 miles longer than it should have been for 3 reasons

1. I got lost when passing through the place with the Monastery 

2. The hotel was at the far end of a very long town

3. I had to keep running back towards Porto chasing my hat. 

Today got off to a great start, the beaches which were crammed yesterday were now deserted. The weather was beautiful with a slight mist which soon disappeared when I cleaned my sunglasses.

Little Hobbit House by the sea

This house had its own windmill

The absence of people was a big plus and set me thinking about the anomaly in the behaviour I witnessed.  On public transport masks are mandatory and even have storm troopers who march along the aisles and will issue spot fines for anyone without one. Everyone glares daggers at an innocent person trying to stifle a small cough, masks are worn diligently in all indoor places. However, the beach cafes are thronged with people crammed in like the sardines they are eating, shouting, singing and apparently oblivious. I suppose they were on holiday?

The scarecrow isn’t taking any chances

After about 5 miles I took one last look at the beach before the trail headed inland. What lay between me and the beach - a golf course!

Straight boardwalk alongside the golf course

Welcome shaded walk (remember I love dappled sunlight!) for about a mile finally emerging at a village with an exceptionally pretty church. 

I even went in!

Eucalyptus forest. Deep breath - aaah.

Journey's end the hotel (empty) beach bar. Just a great day. 

PS The feet are great too thanks for asking!