El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

Vigo to Redondela 11.1 miles

After some time trying to get the Air Conditioning working last night I finally asked the receptionist about it. Apparently it was broken and would be fixed tomorrow. As we know the Spanish are famous for their 'manana' attitude so what's a girl to do? Beached like a giant starfish I radiated heat all night until emerging from the sauna that was room 402 at 8.00am. You might guess that the chef, therefore breakfast, was delayed so I had had enough of Vigo and took off.

Wide empty streets

Still trying to get out

There was a long uphill walk to start out but at least the sun was behind the tall buildings so it didn't feel as if I was walking over hot coals. There was a total absence of signs which was infuriating as I had to keep stopping to squint at my phone in order to read the notes or look at the gps maps. I presumed the reason was that the city fathers thought they should spend resources on the 200,000 inhabitants rather then helping people who were just passing through.

You may have gathered that Vigo was not my favourite place.

Bye Bye Vigo

I guessed that by now, despite the absence of signs, I must be less than 100kms from Santiago and that,  for a reason which only they know, the Confraternity of St James require 2 stamps a day from now on. So another church?

There it was just waiting to be entered. When I did, I could see a few ladies dotted about in silent contemplation. I approached the front (altar I believe it's called) and sat down looking around for someone in charge. In the end I caught the eye of a devout looking woman who I thought might help. I waved the Pilgrim's passport and thumped my flat hand a few times to get the message across. "Ah Si!" she whispered and set off to find someone. Almost immediately the silence was broken by the sound of Elvis loudly telling everyone he wished he was back in the land of cotton. My ringtone. I didn't know whether to make a run for it but smiling apologetically sat tight and got the stamp. 

A final look back and then the way turned into a wide mountain path and signs!

This got my attention

Easy walking

Impressive bridge

Going well

On my first Camino there were lots of others doing the same and I had this nasty habit of trying to overtake them all. This time there isn't anyone else so why was I in a rush? I seemed to have settled into a fast pace which suddenly seemed like a big mistake. I think probably I had the warning signs of heat exhaustion. I had consumed all the water I carried with me and felt sick and dizzy. There is a saying within the pilgrim fraternity that "The Camino will provide". Well it certainly did on this occasion. Right there in the shade was a bench and next to it the gushing waters of a mountain stream which  collected in a trough before disappearing underground. I baptised myself repeatedly with the cold water and drank thankfully. Actually I stayed for about 30 minutes until I felt better then continued at a sedate pace.

Today was a short day and easy walking. The advantage of this is after a siesta and a blog write I can go and take a look at the town.

Nothing to see here

Redondela is the place where the Portuguese Coastal and Central Caminos merge before going on together to Santiago. Maybe I will have company?