El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

Baiona to Vigo 15.3 miles

I certainly had no intention of missing breakfast this morning as I knew from past experience that Paradors put on a legendary feast. So a brief wander round the ramparts of this incredible castle/fortress and then into the smart dining room

Buffet breakfasts had all been cancelled the other places I stayed but here they had everything laid out in a long continuous line and each person  had their own individual tongs to pick up the treats. Hot food was by order from the menu. Brilliant

It was tempting to just relax and enjoy all this but today promised to be quite a tough although shorter day so reluctantly I checked out and hit the trail. I looked very hard for a cloud in the sky but there wasn't one - sorry

Looking back over the harbour

Baiona is probably a very interesting place and well - worth investigating if you are not holed up in a fortress enjoying 5 star living. It is also quite a big place and therefore getting lost trying to leave is always likely.

 I was just starting to get nervous when I remembered that all signs are not necessarily on walls or posts

"On the road again"

After yesterday's incomparable experience today was to be a different route away from the coast and up into the hills.  Baiona  was finally left via a Medieval bridge followed by a gradual climb up.

Today was very hot and the constant ascents and descents were draining. It's the time to give credit to my trusty companions. Like stiletto heels walking poles are not helpful on slatted boardwalks so for the first couple of days I collapsed them and carried them in my back pack. Since then they have earned the cost of their air fare with interest and today was such a day. Up and down we went relentlessly, covering some really tricky ground. They were amazing. I love you GO, I love you ON.

There had been the occasional glimpse of the sea but then the path turned up and away. At last we emerged and the view was incredible 

Sadly the best of the day was now over. The path turned then descended into the urban sprawl of Vigo, my first sights of it were shocking. Huge high - rise buildings, massive factories, chimneys and cranes. Just awful. Vigo is the largest city in the Province of Galicia so what did I expect - pretty thatched roof cottages?

Still it had to be faced and so a long hot slog on burning pavements to the far side of the city. My hotel advertised a roof top pool and the thought of it kept me going.

It was closed because of the virus *#%~!