El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

Viana to Praia de Ancora 14.1 miles

After yesterday's debacle I determined to follow the Camino signs (dare I say it?) religiously. So signs are what today is all about. I walked back to the Eiffel bridge where I hoped to pick up the Camino and was instantly rewarded. 

Not pretty but a relief

I mentioned that Viana is actually a city so plenty of potential for getting lost which you may know I am good at. The yellow arrows were fairly frequent but you had to be vigilant


Still on the right track

I originally thought there were almost no signs when on the coastal paths but actually they were put high up on lamp posts, easy to miss and easy to get a crick in the neck looking for them. I presume the reason for this was to deter those idiots (they are surely going to hell) who think it's funny to turn them round. Anyway,  eyes peeled and follow.

See how easy it is to get lost?

I expect you have noticed that the sky is grey and that will have cheered some of you up.  Actually it was perfect walking weather and I was too busy looking for yellow arrows to mind. The path wended its way up out of the city and into the hills where it continued for the majority of the day. 

In a way it was a rather strange walk, passing  through a series of no - name hamlets stretched like a string of pearls more or less parallel to the coast but at some distance. There would be a few houses then a rocky path often quite up and down and narrow then the same again. From time to time there were glimpses of the ocean (still on the left - good oh)

The places did not have a name but all the streets did even if only a donkey wide. For miles and miles I did not see a soul and wondered what they did with their time until I saw this

So tasteful

The distance between the collection of houses varied but the terrain was essentially the same and actually I found it very relaxing although there were some stiff climbs and descents. I mentioned that I really hadn't seen a soul which I don't mind but it was quite eerie. There were some pretty houses, well cared- for and obviously lived in but no - one was about. 

This way or that?

I said today was about signs and they are a huge part of this endeavour. I can feel myself becoming obsessed with looking for them whether I need to or not. They are so reassuring. Today they were plentiful. The ones like this one just make me laugh, it's as if they are in competition with each other in a kind of 'Shrine Wars'

St James "Come to me"

Fatima " No come to me"

Going down

The day ended with a fairly tricky descent into the large town of Ancora and a delicious beer in the pretty square to celebrate not getting lost

Popped in and got a stamp

Also had a little wander round the town and down to the beach. So that's where all the people are!

Finally thanks for the comments I really love to read them - keep them coming and a quick reminder that the photos will enlarge if you click on them (iPad or desktop)