El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

El Camino de Santiago

Camino Portugues

Padrón to Santiago 15.2 miles

I intended to set off early this morning but failed so I paid for this by finding myself at the back of a procession.  


Well it wouldn't be for long I reasoned and told myself not to try to overtake them all and walk happily through the beautiful countryside. 

It was a strange feeling both wanting to reach my goal whilst at the same time dreading the countdown to the end

Less than 10k to go!

I remember last time there was a climb up to a point where Santiago and its Cathedral were visible and I expected something similar. Despite a few stiff climbs that did not happen and it seemed as if I entered Santiago by the back door. There was never a sign announcing the big city and the arrows just petered out. Almost without warning I was in the packed narrow streets bustling with tourists and then the huge square

Plaza de Obradoro

The last scallop shell marker

The Cathedral

We made it!!

The square is very busy in normal times with pilgrims lying around perhaps enjoying the moment. I went straight to the Pilgrim's office to pick up my 'Compostela' the certificate earned. This was done very quickly whereas previously it literally took hours. 

Now for my real reward 


My hotel

This is such a treat, an ancient monument now the flagship hotel in the Parador chain. I felt like just unwinding here but after a soak, change and a drink I thought I really should go and see St James. After all hadn't I just walked all this way for that reason? Well, I need not have bothered, the extensive works inside the Cathedral meant there was very little to see. The huge altar was entirely covered but there was access to his tomb

So had I walked all the way for that? Definitely not. I took a bit of a risk and it paid off. I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience magnificent scenery in fantastic weather on two good feet! Thanks so much for coming along. 

Oh I meant to say just as I was coming out of the Cathedral what did I hear but Patritzia!!!!

Yes you guessed it, Luigi - ready with the rest of his life history. I did stop and chat but then excused myself and said I was meeting a friend (by the name of Vino Tinto)


Adios until the next time.